Emerging Artists Showcase

Emerging Artists Showcase Book Description This 7 x 10 inch perfect bound, paperback book contains 98, full color works of original art by the students of Cedar Hill Community Development Corporation. Cedar Hill CDC is a small, non-profit organization in Boonton, New Jersey, 30 miles from New York City, with daily training in arts & crafts and the performing arts for students from mostly low-income, multi-cultural families.

All of the art photographs in this book were taken from works of art displayed in a February 2011 art show, and range from abstract paintings, many in the style of Jackson Pollack, to still life scenes, Greek god themes, nature scenes and even a mystical forest.

There are also 24 photographs from the art show itself as well as scenes of many of the young, emerging artists creatively at work. A 5 month long program, to create these works of art, was led by multi-talented Program Director, Bridget Burke-Weiss, who is a skilled Montessori educator, artist and actress.

The “CDC Art Center” is based on the Montessori approach of the “Prepared Environment,” in which children are given lessons on the use of materials, and then encouraged to work independently, following their instincts to create their highly individualized works of art.

Much of the abstract art in this book was also directed by Isabelle Laurenzi, a talented and dedicated volunteer, as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award, which is equivalent to Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts. Assisting Isabelle’s part of the program was well-known local artist, Randall Elliot who displays her work in galleries in New York City, Maine and Boonton.